Meet Our Staff 



Steve Thiry, Library Director

Hi, I am the library director. You will find me strolling through the library at random times of the day, or I might be out meeting people in the West Bend community. In my youth, I was a strong reader but struggled with the structure of a school. My curiosity about our world and its people led me to public libraries to access a wealth of information from diverse perspectives. I always considered the public library as my second place. After a brief stint as a social studies and alternative education teacher, I returned to my passion for libraries. My goal is to preserve public libraries as a community resource for education, a source for entertainment, and a second place. My favorite books span all genres, and I get my reading recommendations from patrons who use the library. I also enjoy the outdoors. You can reach me at


Brad Ney, Deputy Director

Brad is very addicted to coffee and often works behind the scenes at the library.


Emily Laws, Head of Circulation

Hi, my name is Emily. I am your go-to gal for questions about your library account and library material. I am one of many faces you will see at the service desks. Say "hello" when you see me! I love meeting new people. Email me at 


Terika Koch, Youth Services Librarian

Meet children's librarian, Terika Koch, whose love of pizza rivals that of books. When she is not at the Information Desk answering reference questions, you'll find her in her office researching children's books, planning programming, playing with puppets, making crafts, and rehearsing storytime songs (off-key). Terika loves her job and what she loves the most is she can wear silly clothes, sing terribly, make kid crafts, and read picture books…all on the clock - and no one thinks it's bizarre! Email Terika at 


Nancy Larson, Outreach Librarian 

After growing up as a bookmobile kid in rural Wisconsin, I now have the fantastic opportunity to make the library accessible for others.  I have the privilege of working primarily with a senior population, providing library service around Washington County.

At home I am Cat Mom to two loveable tabby cats whose favorite activity is sitting around on quiet weekends and reading, preferably a good mystery.


Darci Trapp, Head of Technical Services

Hi I am Darci and I am the Head of the Technical Services department. My department catalogs all the libraries materials and processes them to be available for checkout. We catalog about 800-1,000 items a month. When I am not behind the reference desk or cataloging our materials my hobbies are reading, working on puzzles, walking at the lake and fishing. I have even learned how to fillet the fish we catch during the fishing season and preparing them for a fish fry! Email me at


Ryan Parker, Interlibrary Loan and Reference 

This is Ryan Parker, the Interlibrary Loan Librarian and one of the Reference Librarians. If you need a book or article and the library does not have it, just request it and he can probably get it for you. Email him at


Susan Robbins, Head of Reference

Meet Susan Robbins, reference librarian, notary, unofficial psychiatrist and herbalist.  If not upstairs helping people, you'll find her working on her small farm with her chickens and gardens or golfing with her husband. Email Susan at

For more information on how to reach the staff and service desks at the West Bend Library, visit our Contact Us page.

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