Reading Resolutions for 2020

by West Bend Library on 2019-12-27 12:00:00

As you might suspect, the staff at the West Bend Library have a bunch of different reading resolutions for 2020. Check out our reading #goals, and let us know what yours are!


My goal for 2020 is to read 200 books. I know that seems like a lot! My book number target is always high, because I read a lot of comics, and sometimes have to read picture books for work, but I keep track on Goodreads and it counts them all the same. I would also like to read a Lee Child book and see what all the fuss is about.


My Goodreads Goal for 2020 is to read 50 books. I did 25 this year and accomplished my goal. It's time to up my game.


Emily's goal for 2020 is to focus on reading children's lit. "I typically read or listen--thank you audiobooks--to adult mysteries and non-fiction. I'm not giving those up, but it is time to figure out the magic of Captain Underpants and all the silly and smart works out there for younger folks. My plan is to use a couple of the library's databases for support; NoveList for book inspiration and Wisconsin's Digital Library for access to econtent."


My goal is 15 adult books, and to try more non-fiction in 2020, maybe some biographies. I read a lot with my children, usually about 5 picture books a night with my youngest, so we'll shoot for reading 2,020 picture books in 2020. We repeat some, but I typically check out 20+ picture books from the library each week, which adds up to over 1,000 different books over the course of the year!  My oldest is somewhat of a reluctant reader, but loves to listen to audiobooks in the car, and be read to before bed. It's hard to pick a number for him for books he reads on his own, but we will try for 12 (4+ hour) audiobooks during our commute to school and weekend travels.


Believe it or not it is hard to find time to read. You wouldn't think that would be the case for a librarian! But we're around books all day and have busy home lives, so it isn't always easy. I have two resolutions! First of all, I'm going to carry a book with me most places I go to keep reading handy and nearby. It helps to have a purse big enough to carry a book! ???? My second resolution is to try reading outside of my comfort zone a bit and try genres I wouldn't normally read or break back into genres I used to enjoy more, like magical realism or historical fiction. I usually try to find books that are good escape reads. I hope to expand my mind a little bit."


Deputy Director Brad could not be reached for reading resolutions, but we suspect his plan is to read the bottoms of as many coffee cups as possible.


My reading resolution for 2020 is to keep a running tally of every book I read or try to read but cannot get interested in for some reason. I am going to try a new book app called Litsy (described as ‘Goodreads meets Instagram’), or else I will keep my list in a private handwritten notebook. There are good reasons to keep track of books: #1 To remember them as months fly by; #2 If someone asked me the following question, I could answer it: “If, out of the millions of volumes available to you at your local bookstore or library, you could read only one lifetime’s worth of books, which ones would you choose?” #3 Our list of books we read is like our autobiography; and #4 To be a great resource for other readers.


Perhaps sharing a resolution will hold me to it! An overdue goal of mine, both professionally and personally, is to become better aware of award-winning literature. There are so many awards, all over the world, that it’s hard to keep track. So, I will resolve to become more aware of/read more award-winning literature in 2020.


I, too, keep track of what I read on Goodreads. My 2019 goal was to read 65 books; I surpassed that goal and read 83! I will set a goal of 90 for 2020. We'll see what happens!