Thanksgiving Staff Picks - Recipe Edition

by Hannah on 2020-11-20 12:00:00

Thanksgiving is going to look very different for me this year than it has in years past. It's usually a gathering time with my mom's side of the family, full of affectionate cousins, beloved neighbors, friends from all over, and a truly absurd amount of pie. This year, we're video calling, planning virtual game night, and text chatting about the football games as we watch them together, but separately.

Planning a much smaller meal means lots of changes to the typical menu, so I asked the rest of the library staff what their favorite dishes are, for inspiration. Some of them were kind enough to share their recipes, too! Here's what I learned:

  • Library staff are big green bean casserole enthusiasts. Sara makes her own variation, but uses this recipe from Campbell's as a guide.
  • Pie is a MUST. Thanksgiving favorites are pumpkin, pecan, and apple. Darci is famous among the librarians for her baking, and she uses this pecan pie recipe.
  • Roasted vegetables can add a hearty seasonal touch to any Thanksgiving table. Nancy enjoys this mixed vegetable casserole.
  • Gotta have potatoes. Mashed, cheesy, garlic, sweet, or twice-baked, this is our favorite starchy tuber.
  • Folks are big believers in stuffing/dressing. I have often described it as soggy bread, but some library staff have strong opinions to the contrary, and gave me some tips. We'll see if their advice can change my mind about this side dish I have long avoided!
  • Cranberry sauce takes a big meal and turns it into a festive seasonal fete. Marnie was kind enough to share her recipe - check it out! It looks easier than I thought; I've always just eaten the canned stuff.
  • Terika recommends this cranberry bread recipe, but without the nuts. She, like me, believes nuts don't belong in baked goods.
  • With all the sweets, starches, and carbs, having a nice green salad can make you feel a little better about your Thanksgiving spread. Susan suggests this gorgeous brussels sprout kale salad, which is easy to make ahead of time!
  • While almost everyone took my question at face value, when I asked Brad about his favorite dish, he began to wax poetic about a large serving dish patterned with turkeys. The dish has since broken, but he has fond memories of trotting the turkey dish out each Thanksgiving. Lesson learned: be more specific when talking to Brad about things that aren't coffee or Star Trek.

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Don't forget, the library will be closed on Thursday, November 26, in observance of Thanksgiving. We will reopen at 9:00 a.m. on Friday the 27th. While we're closed, check out our online resources, use our free 24/7 wi-fi, and if you need to return materials, use the drive-up return slots on the north side of the building (off Walnut Street and 6th Ave.)