Download Books Here!
Download Books Here!

Want to download e-books and e-audiobooks to your personal device, like a smartphone, tablet, or e-reader? You can do that with Libby and Hoopla!

•  Click here to get Libby, by OverDrive

•  Browse the OverDrive collection without downloading Libby

•  Click here to get Hoopla

•  Browse the Hoopla collection without downloading the app

Want to learn more about what Libby and Hoopla can do and how to use them? Check out our blog post about both services!

Featured Events

NOTE: This event is over!

Mon, Aug 1st 2022

9 am - 9 pm

August 1-31 (ages 0-18)

"Any way you slice it, you're a great reader!"

Read 9 hours in August and earn a free individual-sized pizza donated by Eaton’s Pizza! Everyone who completes the program will also be entered in a grand prize drawing. Grand prize winners will be selected to win a free large pizza donated by Michaleno’s Pizzaria or Maricio’s in Barton! Pick up a reading record at the library, or print from our website!

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