Our podcast, Pager, is currently on hiatus. 

First, we were in your community. Now, we’re in your ears. This is Pager, a podcast brought to you by the West Bend Community Memorial Library. It’s like chatting with your favorite local librarian, except you do none of the talking. Learn about library services, upcoming events, new releases, and more! We hope to release new episodes in the not too distant future. For now, enjoy our past episodes!

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Episode Archive

15 October 2020 - Episode 16, "Something Bookish This Way Comes"

 - Special Guest: Darci Trapp

15 September 2020 - Episode 15, "BookmArc of a Scythe"

 - Special Guest: Amber DeRuyter

15 August 2020 - Episode 14, "Books of Future Past"

 - Click here for the episode script

15 July 2020 - Episode 13, "A Pod of Ice and Fire"

 - click here for the episode script

15 June 2020 - Episode 12, "And Still I Read"

- Special Guest: Ellen Kane

15 May 2020 - Episode 11, "Booked Kingdom"

 - Special Guest: Ellen Kane

15 April 2020 - Episode 10, "Snow Falling on Poplar"

 - Special Guest: Jennifer Chamberlain

15 March 2020 - Episode 9, "Library in the Time of COVID-19"

 - Special Guest: Samantha Dietel

15 February 2020 - Episode 8, "On the Street Where You Library"

 - Special Guest: Sara Davister

15 January 2020 - Episode 7, "The Reads of Winter"

 - Special Guest: Mara Riebeau

15 December 2019 - Episode 6, "Have Yourself a 'Brary Little Podcast"

 - Special Guest: Hannah Kane

15 November 2019 - Episode 5, "'Brary Podcast and the Outreach of the Seniors" 

 - Special Guest: Nancy Larson

15 October 2019 - Episode 4, "Books of Autumn"

 - Special Guests: Emily Laws and Mara Riebeau

15 September 2019 - Episode 3, "Return of the Library Book (On Time)"

 - Special Guest: Terika Koch

14 August 2019 - Episode 2, "A Farewell to Interns"

 - Special Guest: Sara Davister

17 July 2019 - Episode 1, "The Rad Beginning"

 - Special Guest: Darci Kraus


Download Books Here!
Download Books Here!

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